NFL Draft Day Drinking Game 2020: COVID-19 Edition

NFL Draft Day Drinking Game 2020The 2020 NFL Draft, slated to take place April 23rd – April 25th, is certain to be unlike any other draft since its inception in 1936. Because of the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic, the draft will be held without the public events that have been a fan staple in more recent years and the players themselves won’t even be in attendance. Plans are still ongoing and are being developed as COVID-19 reports continue to be updated, but the draft will be broadcast from a remote location with team representatives submitting the picks from their homes. In addition to the draft taking place, the league is also turning this 3-day event into a “Draft-A-Thon” to raise money for charities who are dealing with this pandemic. Kudos to the NFL for doing that. We know at least one thing will remain similar, NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell will still announce the first round picks live from his basement. Through all of the changes with this year’s NFL draft, fans are still sure to tune in and watch it. For those fans who are looking forward to this, here are our rules for this years NFL Draft Day Drinking Game 2020 which we are dubbing the COVID-19 Edition.

We had a blast putting together a game for last year’s draft and while this year was also fun, it was certainly more challenging with this new format. Anywho, listed below are the 2020 rules. As always, should you choose to partake in the drinking game make sure you plan ahead to be safe, know your own limits, and definitely don’t try to drive anywhere (you need to stay home, remember!). If you decide against playing the game itself, but still want to enjoy a drink, check out a previous post I wrote that has drink recipes for all 32 NFL teams for some inspiration. If you typically throw a draft watch party with friends and family, consider setting up an online virtual draft party through Zoom, FaceTime, or any other video conferencing app.

Take 1 Drink

  • Every time someone talks about a potential slide for Tua Tagovailoa
  • An analyst accurately predicts a pick before it’s announced
  • A player is referred to as “one of the safest picks in the draft”
  • The new Raiders stadium is shown
  • Any time someone describes a player as a “plug and play starter”
  • Any time “coronavirus” or “COVID-19” is mentioned
  • A player is referred to as a “proven winner”

Take 2 Drinks

  • The commissioner mispronounces a name
  • A player is called “surprisingly quick”, “a coach’s son”, “blue collar”, “high work ethic”, or “deceptively athletic”
  • Any time someone mentions Joe Burrow winning the National Championship, the Heisman, or potentially going first overall
  • The offseason trades involving Tom Brady, Philip Rivers, or DeAndre Hopkins are discussed
  • Mel Kiper rips apart a team’s draft pick
  • An analyst brings up the Cleveland Browns draft history
  • Any time someone references a player’s performance at the Combine

Take 3 Drinks

  • Somehow, Roger Goodell is still booed
  • A team misses their pick due to technical issues
  • A newly drafted player is wearing a crazy suit
  • The words “intangibles” or “instincts” are used
  • A player’s arrest record is brought up
  • The name “Schefty” is mentioned
  • A punter is drafted before the 5th round

Take a Shot

  • If they show video of a Bills fan going through a table
  • If a player cries when he is drafted
  • If a photo or video from Brett Favre’s draft party is shown
  • If you still don’t think your team will make the playoffs by the end of the draft

NFL Draft Day Drinking Game 2020

The End

There you have it, our rules for the 2020 NFL Draft Day Drinking Game. And one more reminder if it isn’t totally obvious: be safe, be smart, and have fun!


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